"I enjoy yoga in general and have tried a variety of yoga forms before, from Hatha to Bikram, however no yoga forms have had as  much of an influence in my everyday life as Kundalini Yoga has. I started practising Kundalini Yoga three years ago in Berlin and was amazed by how different it made me feel. For me, practising Kundalini yoga is not just a physical body exercise as many styles of yoga seem to be these days, but rather it is a spiritual journey and part of a healing process. With every new kriya (set of exercises) I feel I am coming closer to my inner self.
It is amazing what a difference I have experienced in my general wellbeing since I was able to find Kundalini yoga teacher in Christchurch!  Elena’s teaching is gentle and profound. She has great intuition for the needs of the group and always seems to find the best way to help us find our balance. I find her lessons extremely enjoyable and a highlight in my week. At the end of her sessions I invariably feel refreshed, energized, limber and very relaxed. On an emotional level I feel peaceful, touched and in tune with myself. I would recommend this course to everyone. Kundalini yoga with Elena is something that your body and spirit will thank you for."

Daria, Lincoln

"I have been participating in Elena's kundalini yoga classes for more than a year now and it is always a refreshing and relaxing evening in my week.  My work as a stone sculptor is very physically demanding and I am weight training additionally three times a week, so gives me much needed balance for tired and tight muscles and joints. Kundalini yoga helps improve my sleep, and is a much needed deep breathing practice including a lot of gentle stretching. Elena gives us freedom to regulate the intensity of the stretching and poses, interspersed with relaxation positions, so if I am full of energy I can push myself and if I am exhausted from the work week I can focus more on relaxation. The atmosphere is always calming with a very soothing and varied soundtrack. I especially recommend this class to men who have never tried yoga before as this is a true workout for mind and body; relieving stress, building awareness of breath, core strength, and a gentle, progressive way to rehabilitate injuries."

Tim, Lincoln

"I started practicing Kundalini Yoga two years ago, in October 2009. I am a down to earth person but was curious to try it out, and my body was up for a surprise after the first class – it felt like I just received a good massage. So I was hooked and decided to carry on with Kundalini yoga. It helped me though various ups and downs, made me more aware of my body and taught me how to relax or concentrate. This became a very handy thing following the stress from earthquakes and aftershocks.
But the biggest achievement for me since I started to practice Kundalini yoga was that I was able to quit a bad habit of smoking I had for almost eleven years – I never touched a cigarette since October 2009 and never had a craving for it. Yoga is a very inexpensive thing to practice (all I needed was a yoga mat) but has plenty of benefits for my mind and body. Go for it and you will not regret this experience."

Lena, Christchurch

304 Selwyn Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

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