European Yoga Festival 2012

Once a year, more than 2000 people from Europe (and some from Africa, Asia, America, etc.) come together in a natural environment to practice 8 days of Kundalini Yoga and other activities related to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, including 3 days of White Tantric Yoga®.

They enjoy a special diet, many inspiring workshops by international teachers, and lots of song, dance and fun.

This year I was lucky enough to have a chance to join them. This was my first big international yoga-festival and I was ready for the experience. When you live in the other part of the world (like here in New Zealand), it is really a treat to have a chance to see so many international teachers at once, meet people from all walks of life who come together once a year to practice the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga, to meditate, to uplift themselves, to sing and dance.

I flew on direct flight to Paris, spent a night there and the next morning I was ready to catch my train to Blois and then transfer to Chateau De Fondjouan where the festival has been held for the last 36 years.

Registration went quickly and smoothly, a tent was pitched up, cloths changed and I joined my yoga-friends from Russia.

Chateau de Fondjouan

Camp Site

Sadhana stage

The opening ceremony was great. Each year there is something different in the ceremony. After the official part of introducing the people of 3HO Europe (european branch of the Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization established by Yogi Bhajan in 1969) who were responsible for the organisation of the festival, Guru Das Kaur (who is a famous children's yoga teacher and I have absolutely fallen in love with her) had a ball and decided to try "something new" that she had been thinking of for a few years and had never before had the guts to try out. How about creating a giant spiral of 2000+ yogis? All right, we thought, we are kundalini yogis and we love a challenge so here we go.

Four men (they are all direct disciples of Yogi Bhajan) of the top of 3HO Europe went forward to create a center of the future spiral. We put our hands on shoulders of the person in front forming a long chain and the "creation" started. For a moment my fear of crowds and the panic attacks I used to have came back to me but then ... I suddenly found myself running almost to the beginning of the chain. Yes, this meant that I was going to get nearly to the centre of the spiral. At some point my fears came too close to me again and started to loose my concentration but then I looked at the central cell (luckily it was very near) where the four yogis with joyful and relaxed faces were clearly having a good time and the fears were gone. I felt their support and their calmness. I thought, "It is going to be fun, just relax" and I did.

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