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Kundalini Yoga came into my life in early 2005. I remember that day very well: lying on the floor in the relaxation pose I noticed how much my body was enjoying those exercises and movements! Things were difficult in my life back then and it seems to be a common theme among my yoga friends and students to turn to yoga during challenging times (but of course you can turn to yoga in your happy times, too!). Suffering panic attacks and dizziness of unknown reason, I could not enjoy my life to the full. Reflecting on that time today, I have come to the conclusion that all those symptoms were caused by unrealised stress tension after a death of a close relative. Unconsciously I was trying to relieve the stress by working very long hours, which did not improve my mental health either, and the vicious cycle continued.

Of course, things did not change immediately for me on the day when I so much enjoyed the experience of Kundalini Yoga. But it was a start of a journey to my happy and healthy self. I perceive each practice I am involved in as a precious gift. As your priorities change with time, so may the yoga that you practice change (which means that the focus of exercises or your abilities may change). The same set of exercises may feel different every time and this makes you explore Kundalini Yoga as a new adventure with every new practice. The outcome of a practice or class differs for each participant. You may come to class suffering from a lower back pain and finish the practice with a thought that there is a completely unrelated aspect in your life you would like to change. One of my close yoga friends was suffering from a strong depression when she came to her first class and six years later she still keeps coming to classes - but as a teacher. One of the positive side-effects of Kundalini Yoga is that it could make you change your life for the better.

In early 2009 my life changed again with my move to Christchurch, New Zealand and Yoga followed me (it will, believe me!).

Surprisingly, I could find almost no information about Kundalini Yoga classes in New Zealand. Prior to my move to New Zealand I successfully completed my Kundalini Teacher Training Level 1 with Amrit Nam Saravar School (director of the program Karta Singh, France). I had felt no choice but to start teaching Kundalini Yoga classes myself, which I very much enjoy.

So here I am enjoying the relaxed Kiwi life style spiced up by the ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga, which I am sincerely inviting you to try out in my classes.



304 Selwyn Street, Christchurch, New Zealand

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